Nov 19, 2021: New infographics is here! Feel free to use it where needed. It's all under Creative Commons 4.0. Click to download in original

Dec 29, 2020: Bugfix is done!

It was hard! The service crashed and after a many hours of tiring work we managed to put back on rails. Glad to know that so many people worried about interruptions. Thanks to our supportive community for helping out with bugs.

We wish all the best to our users in 2021. Be safe, folks!

Sep 3, 2020: We are here 2 years!

We launched this service in 2018. Today is 3 September 2020. It means we are working two years for you. We glad to that our community helps us and make this service better. We have to admit that it is an experimental technology and something it does not work well. We appreciate your patience. It is great to be here and work for you!