The service of blockchain notarization has stopped after its 5 years of work. It relied on the Emercoin blockchain. As technology a blockchain cannot be on either side of the war in Ukraine, but the blockchain community can. Its Emercoin CTO and community leader Oleg Khovayko recently expressed his pro-Russian sentiments on his Facebook account. Even though he abstains from proclaiming his direct support to Putin’s regime and aggression against Ukraine, his narrative is obvious: he calls Facebook enemy that threatens Russia, he calls U.S. sanctions “not even momentary political gain but an intention to slightly sh*t around”, and he is perplexed why people are banning him “for disagreeing with the only correct point of view”. Oleg Khovayko, being a Russian immigrant in the U.S., is cautious to publicly confront all the civilized world’s point of view about Russian aggression, but in private talks he calls Ukrainians Nazis, and blames them for aggression in Donbass - repeating exact worlds of the Russian lie.

Emernotar app was built on the Emercoin blockchain in 2018. The app stopped its service in March 2022, seeing no possible ways for collaboration with this community led by its CTO.